Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mejiro School Festival

Today I went to our college's school festival with my friend Undariya (she's from Mongolia!). It was great seeing all the students' hard work paying off.

From what I understand, school festivals are a big deal in Japan. All the clubs spend tons of time in preparation, and everyone participates somehow. It's like our International Festival at Soka--which makes sense, considering the school was founded in Japan.

There were tons of people there, including current students as well as people from the community. The food booths were mostly run by clubs looking to raise money, and there were various performances held by student bands and dance clubs. There was a really nice atmosphere! Everyone was very excited and energetic. There were also people walking around in costumes, since it's so close to Halloween. I saw two Darth Vaders and a lot of Power Rangers!

The biggest attraction at this festival was undoubtedly the food! I ate a lot, since everything was delicious and reasonably priced.

(The view in the french fry pic was taken from one of our campus' buildings, it's a very popular spot due to its scenic nature.)

This just just some of the food I ate there. I also had some delicious karage, ice cream, and banana chocolate gyoza (they're like mini crepes!). I will definitely eat well this weekend, since the school is right next to my dorm building.

We had a lot of fun and ate tons of food! I'll probably go back tomorrow again to eat more. It was definitely a nice break from school... Classes are seriously kicking my butt, and lately I haven't gotten the chance to go out on the weekends. So today was a long-awaited fun day to enjoy the school.

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